Why Does Digital Money Matter?

I am an entrepreneur, consultant, writer and

film producer.


Most of my activities are in the area of Bitcoin, Cryptocoins and Blockchain technology.


I am sure that these tools can change the world for the better.


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Bitcoin and Blockchain technology will change the world. They give billions of people who do not have a bank account access to the global economy. Start-ups get funded by issueing digital tokens. Decentralised apps allow new forms of human cooperation.


But the movers and shakers of the decentral revolution want to disrupt more than economy and finance. They envision a free society without rulers and central authorities. Voluntary agreements shall replace hierarchies and power structures. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology allow us to realise these utopian ideas.

In my new book I will present promising projects, ranging from a decentralised Internet to Free Private Cities and “Digital Nations”. In an easily legible and entertaining style, I will introduce you to a world without governments and central authorities.


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