Why Does Digital Money Matter?

I am a consultant, writer and

film producer.


Most of my activities are in the area of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.


I am sure that these tools can change the world for the better.



How to Use Blockchain Technology?

You would like to use Blockchain technology but don't know how? 
Do you really need a Blockchain at all?
You would like to tokenise an asset or issue your own token?
Or even your own cryptocurrency?


I can help you to make the most out of this exciting new technology and to avoid commonly made mistakes.

Books on Bitcoin, Cryptocoins and Blockchain Tech

I have published two books about Bitcoin and Cryptocoins, the third one is in the making.

Films for Crypto Clients

With Bitfilm, my international network of animators, cinematographers and sound designers, I have produced more than 50 explainer videos and serial episodes about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and other subjects.


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