Bitcoin Matters

I am an entrepreneur, film producer, author and consultant. Most of my activities revolve around Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. I have been active in the crypto space since spring 2011.

About me                           My  Video Course "Bitcoin for Leaders   

Films, my international network of animators, cinematographers and sound designers, has produced more than 80 explainer videos and serial episodes about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and other subjects.

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I am running the Moonstock Crypto Art Gallery and organise the exhibition Crypto Art & Crypto Culture.


I also manage the young artist Max Cryptohead. In his series 21 Heads he portrays pioneers of the crypto movement like Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo, David Chaum and many others. 


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Crypto Art Book

 My new book Crypto Art and Crypto Culture has been launched at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador as a limited edition.


It contains more than 50 artworks which reflect and celebrate Crypto Culture - memes like To the Moon!, HODL, Honey Badger, When Lambo? etc.


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More Books

I have also published these books about Bitcoin and Cryptocoins.