My Books on Bitcoin and Cryptocoins

The Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin and Austrian Economics

My first book gives an introduction to Bitcoin for beginners, based on the insights of the Austrian School of Economics. It explains the flaws of the current monetary system and why a competiton of private currencies is superior to a state monopoly of money. 


It also contains interviews by Roger Ver, Stephanie Murphy, Eddy Travia, Julia Tourianski, Marek Palatinus, Moran Shaked, David Johnston, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof and Satoshi Nakamoto


Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Pirate Party, has written its preface.


The book was published by Finanzbuchverlag Munich in 2015. It is available in English and German (printed or e-book).




1. La Revolución Bitcoinista - Bitcoin in Argentina


2. The Austrian Way - An Introduction to Austrian Economics


3. Let There Be Money! - Why the Money Monopoly is Evil


4. As Good as Gold - The Basics of Bitcoin


5. The Ledger Lives On - The Blockchain, Satoshi's Disruptive Innovation


6. Bitcoin CEO Bans China - Popular Falsehoods about Bitcoin


7. Blockchainification - Decentralizing All Aspects of Life


8. Agora 2.0 - Towards a Free Society



Cryptocoins - Investing in Digital Currencies

My second book is a practical guide for people who want to know more about digital money. It gives an overview about the various types of cryptocoins and lots of practical tips how to store them, where to buy them and how to avoid scams.


It was published by Finanzbuchverlag Munich in September 2017. Its German version is a bestseller in Germany.

An English version will be published soon.


These are its chapters:


1. The 20-Million-Dollar Pizza
- A Historic Day in New York City


2. Mine me a Block, Satoshi! - The Basics of Cryptocoins


3. Entering Cryptospace - Practical Tips for Beginners


4. In Seconds Around the World
- Cryptocoins for Global Payments


5. Keep The Money in the Hood
- Cryptocoins for Local Payments


6. For Owners Only
- Cryptocoins for Special Applications


7. To the Moon! - Making Money with Cryptocoins


8. Beware of Ponzicoins! - How to Spot a Scam Coin


9. The Crypto Revolution -  Decentralizing the World



The Decentral Revolution
I am currently working on my third book about Bitcoin and the Blockchain. It will cover the economic and social changes that these disrupting technologies will bring. You may become a sponsor.