Crypto Art and Crypto Culture

This new book by Aaron Koenig contains many artworks that reflect and show CryptoCulture - all those memes and slang words that you only understand if you have been around in the crypto community for a while. 


Through these artworks you will learn what expressions like HODL, Honey Badger, When Lambo? or To the Moon mean and how they came into being.


This full colour book is especially useful for people who are new into the crypto space and want to know more about it. It explains everything you need to know about Crypto Art and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), as well as the basics of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.


With artworks by Cryptograffiti, Lucho Poletti, Fira, Coldie 3D, Johnny Dollar, Gus Grillasca, Moxarra, Pippo Katz, Dinorah Delfin, Max Cryptohead and others.