Freakin' Crisis Proof

 This is my new book
Freakin' Crisis Proof
The Handbook of Financial Freedom


The financial system based on a government monopoly has many flaws: Inflation, negative interest rates, growing debt, social injustice - a collapse of this ailing order seems inevitable.


How can you protect your savings from the upcoming financial crisis? How do you secure your money against frozen bank accounts, haircuts, bail-ins and other instruments of financial repression? Which investment strategies work best in times of crisis? Which role can cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin play in making your finances crisis-proof?


Aaron Koenig gives many practical tips to ensure your financial freedom: from hardware wallets and encryption to passive income and companies in tax havens.


Published in October 2020 through Amazon. The German version was published at Börsenmedienverlag.


1. Is a Crash Inevitable?

Why a major financial crisis will happen


2. Digital Cash

What you should know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies


3. Is Bitcoin Crisis-Proof?

How to use cryptocurrencies to protect your financial freedom


4. Austrian Investing

Investment strategies recommended by Austrian economists


5. Get Out of Tax Hell

How to lead a tax-free life


6. Mastering the Crisis

How to live well and safely even in difficult times


7. Financially Free in Mind

How to gain the right attitude towards money


8. Imagine

How a better financial, economic and social order may evolve after the crisis